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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

vRealize Automation 8.9 Key capabilities


 vRealize Automation 8.9 Key capabilities

 VMware  has Announced General Availability of VMware vRealize Automation 8.9 as on August 9, 2022. This release focuses on facilitating unified governance and consumption of Kubernetes and VM-based workloads and enhancing PublicCloud  governance and policy management. 

Kubernetes Automation

  • Tanzu Mission Control Integration. As multi-cloud is becoming the norm in large organizations the need for consistent management across different clouds and workload types is becoming more and more important. Cloud operators and SREs are required to support seamless user experience and provide near 100% availability regardless of the disparate nature of the underlying technologies. The mix of brownfield and greenfield, cloud native and traditional workloads, along with the ever-increasing scale prevents the promise of the cloud around agility and simplicity from getting realized while most enterprise environments look more like spaghetti bowls than clouds. A real SRE crisis.

    VMware is bringing its top guns to solve this problem. The vRealize Automation Cloud July 2022 release will integrate with Tanzu Mission Control to tackle the problem of unmanageable cloud complexity by facilitating unified governance and consumption of cloud, VM, and Kubernetes-based workloads.

    Customers that have an entitlement to vRealize Automation Cloud and Tanzu Mission Control can design and deploy Kubernetes clusters from vRealize Automation Cloud, while simplifying management at scale by inheriting Tanzu Mission Control policies through its cluster groups and complying to vRealize Automation Cloud rules and constraints. More specifically with this integration:
    • Cloud administrators and operators can deliver Tanzu Mission Control-created rules and self-service lifecycle management through vRealize Automation Cloud catalog.
    • Cloud admins can attach a cluster to a cluster group and this cluster will inherit policies that are created by Tanzu Mission Control for the respective cluster group.
    • DevOps and Developers can now use a single platform for consuming cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes based on a consistent operating model. Admins can retain the richness of their individual tools for VM and Kubernetes design while providing a unified experience for users.

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Multi-Cloud Automation

  • vRealize Automation Cloud Guardrails enhancements. We introduced vRealize Automation Cloud Guardrails, a multi-cloud governance and policy management capability, in tech preview with the vRealize Automation Cloud May 2022 release. vRealize Automation Cloud Guardrails is intended to primarily address the public cloud governance use case. It helps automate the enforcement of cloud guardrails for networking, security, cost, performance, and configuration at scale for multi-cloud environments with an everything-as-code approach. The outcome is being able to help ensure environments and apps are secure, apps are performing and available, and cloud costs are optimized across public clouds.

    With the latest vRealize Automation Cloud July 2022 release, we’ve further enhanced vRealize Automation Cloud Guardrail’s visibility and enforcement capabilities. New functions added include, cloud visibility, AWS member account view, enforcement scheduling, account discovery scheduling, account profiles, content library clean-up, and native project management. These enhancements enable vRealize Automation Cloud Guardrails to make provisioning, policy enforcement, and continuous management of multi-cloud environments easier, and quicker.

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  • AWS GovCloud regions support. vRealize Automation now supports both US-East and US-West AWS GovCloud regions.

Note that the Tanzu Mission Control integration and vRealize Automation Cloud Guardrails are currently only available with vRealize Automation Cloud.


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