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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

VMinclusion Taara: Empowering Women's Career Comeback with VMware's Free Technical Certification Program


Returning to work after a career break can be challenging, especially for women who may face various obstacles in re-entering the workforce. However, VMware, a leading technology company, has taken a significant step forward by introducing Taara, a women return-to-work program. Taara offers a free technical certification course designed specifically for women in India who have taken a career break. This blog post will provide an overview of the program, eligibility criteria, course details, and the numerous benefits it offers.

Who can apply? Taara is open to women who meet the following criteria:

  1. Career break: Applicants must have been on a career break for at least six months.
  2. Indian citizenship: Only women who are citizens of India and reside within the territorial jurisdiction of India are eligible.
  3. Graduation completion: Candidates should have completed their graduation at least six months ago and have not yet been employed by any organization.

Program Insights: Taara offers a well-structured learning path with three distinct levels of courses. Let's explore each level in detail:

Level 1 - Self-paced Learning: Course Name: VMware Certified Associate Duration: 3 to 8 Hours Exam: Online or Offline Upon completion, participants earn a VCA certificate, a digital badge, and a special voucher to unlock the next level.

Level 2 - Self-paced and Pre-recorded Teaching Videos: Course Name: vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [v6.7] Duration: Theory - 20 hours, Hands-on Labs - 20 hours Exam: Online (Pearson VUE) or Offline Successful completion of this course rewards participants with a vSphere 6.7 Foundation certificate, a digital badge, and an exam voucher to unlock the next level.

Level 3 - Self-paced and Pre-recorded Teaching Videos: Duration: Theory - 20 hours, Lab - 20 hours Exam: VMware Certified Professional Exam (Based on the candidate's chosen area) Upon completing Level 3, candidates earn an industry-recognized certification based on their chosen area of expertise within the program.

Benefits: Taara offers a wide range of benefits for participants, including:

  1. Flexible Exam Options: Exams can be taken online or offline, allowing candidates to schedule them in advance at their convenience.
  2. Certification and Vouchers: At the end of each course, participants receive a certificate and an exam voucher to unlock the next level, helping them progress through the program.
  3. Free of Cost: Taara is a free program worth 2 lakhs, eliminating financial barriers for eligible candidates.
  4. Upskilling Opportunities: Participants gain access to additional upskilling trainings, mentorship programs, interview preparation guidelines, webinars, and other activities sponsored by VMware, ClealyBlue, and Smart Start.
  5. Doubt Clarification: VMware conducts regular webinars and technical sessions to address participant queries and provide further guidance.
  6. Job Portal Reservation: Women restarting their careers receive special reservations on job portals, improving their chances of finding suitable employment.
  7. Job Openings Updates: Dedicated WhatsApp and Telegram groups keep participants informed about the latest job openings in relevant fields.

Conclusion: VMware's Taara program is a commendable initiative that aims to empower women seeking to return to their professional careers. By offering a free technical certification course and a supportive learning environment, Taara provides the necessary tools for women to upskill and reenter the workforce confidently. If you're an eligible candidate, don't hesitate to apply for Taara and embark on an exciting new journey towards professional success.

Apply here:

We encourage all eligible women who are eager to restart their careers to take advantage of the Taara program offered by VMware. Don't let doubts or hesitations hold you back. Seize this opportunity to upskill, gain industry-recognized certifications, and open doors to new career possibilities. Register now and embark on an exciting path towards professional growth and success. Good luck on your journey!

Monday, July 17, 2023

Simplifying Google Cloud platform (GCP) Management with VMware Aria Automation


Many VMware customers are now embracing a multi-cloud strategy to propel their digital business growth. While the cloud offers numerous advantages, managing multiple clouds presents its own set of challenges. These challenges arise from handling diverse data, applications, and policies across various clouds. VMware Aria Automation is a platform designed to address these complexities. It enables customers to deliver a unified self-service multi-cloud environment, simplifying operations and facilitating scalable growth.

As part of VMware's commitment to empowering customers on their multi-cloud journeys, a plugin-based architecture was announced in the April release. This architecture enables seamless integration with native public cloud resources, offering enhanced flexibility and control. VMware is thrilled to announce the addition of support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to further expand the capabilities of our multi-cloud solution. In this blog, we will explore the exciting new features that come with this update.

New Plugin-Based Native GCP Resource Support

Support for GCP VMs

VMware Aria Automation now offers support for provisioning virtual machines (VMs) hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This support is made possible through the plugin-based architecture, expanding the capabilities of the platform. With this new feature, users can take advantage of all properties and features available in GCP, rather than being limited to a predefined set by VMware Aria Automation.

The addition of support for GCP VMs in VMware Aria Automation through the plugin-based architecture brings enhanced flexibility and access to the latest features available on GCP. Users can now leverage the full range of properties and benefits provided by GCP, unlocking greater customization and real-time updates. This integration simplifies the management and provisioning of GCP VMs within the VMware Aria Automation platform, offering a seamless experience for users.


Support for VM snapshots in GCP

VMware Aria Automation has introduced enhanced snapshot capabilities for virtual machines (VMs) hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This new feature, built on top of the classic VM objects, expands the snapshot functionality within the platform. With these enhancements, users can effectively manage and utilize snapshots for their GCP deployments, enabling greater control over system states.

Key Snapshot Use Cases:

The plugin-based framework in VMware Aria Automation now supports the following snapshot use cases for GCP:

Creation of a new snapshot from a disk resource while creating a new deployment using a blueprint

Deletion of an existing snapshot

Update an existing snapshot.

Restoring a disk from a snapshot


VMware Aria Automation's enhanced snapshot capabilities for GCP VMs empower users to effectively manage system states and configurations. With the ability to create, delete, update, and restore snapshots, users can maintain control over their deployments and easily revert to previous states as needed. These features offer greater flexibility, efficiency, and peace of mind for managing GCP deployments within the VMware Aria Automation platform.

Support for managing network resources in GCP

VMware Aria Automation has expanded its capabilities to support the provisioning and management of network resources on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This feature enables users to seamlessly configure and optimize network connectivity within their GCP deployments, fostering efficient communication between Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks. The plugin-based architecture empowers users with various operations, including adding, removing, updating, and patching network resources, as well as switching to custom mode.

VMware Aria Automation's expanded support for managing network resources in GCP enhances the connectivity and communication capabilities within GCP deployments. With features such as VPC Network Peering, add/remove/update peering, custom mode switching, and network patching, users can optimize their network configurations to meet specific requirements. This enhanced functionality offers an optimized user experience, enabling efficient network management within the VMware Aria Automation platform.

Support for managing disks resources in GCP

VMware Aria Automation now offers comprehensive support for managing disk resources on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With the plugin-based architecture, users can easily attach, detach, and encrypt disks, leveraging storage profiles for efficient disk management within GCP deployments. This capability simplifies disk resource operations, enhancing the user experience and enabling faster provisioning of VM instances.

Key Disk Resource Management Features:

The plugin-based architecture in VMware Aria Automation provides the following essential capabilities for managing disk resources in GCP:

Disk creation (present)

Disk deletion (absent)

Disk display (describe)

VMware Aria Automation's support for managing disk resources in GCP through the plugin-based architecture streamlines disk operations within GCP deployments. With features such as disk creation, deletion, and display, users can efficiently provision, manage, and assess disk resources according to their specific requirements. This enhanced functionality improves the user experience and accelerates the provisioning of VM instances, facilitating a more streamlined and efficient disk management process within the VMware Aria Automation platform.

Support for storage buckets in GCP plugin

The StorageBucket resource represents a bucket in Cloud Storage. VMware Aria automation supports creating and deleting a Bucket resource in GCP. Also provides the ability to patch and update the storage bucket. StorageBucket Resource can be managed with default access control.  Bucket resources can be patched and updated. It provides an option for users to lock the retention policy of a Bucket resource.

Manage shielded instance resources in GCP

VMware Aria Automation supports the creation of Shielded VMs, by using a dedicated “shield” property. Shielded VMs offer verifiable integrity of the compute Engine VM instances, so the user can be confident his instances haven’t been compromised by boot- or kernel-level malware or rootkits.

Learn more about how VMware Aria Automation plugin-based Architecture supports the latest GCP capabilities: GCP resource support in VMware Aria Automation.

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