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Sunday, June 27, 2021

What is new in VMware vRealize Automation 8.4.2

VMware vRealize Automation 8.4.2 has  released as on June 24, 2021. With this release, VMware has provided several enhancements and new capabilities.


vRealize Automation 8.4.2 adds to the vRealize Automation 8.3 capabilities to bring it closer in capability to the vRA 7.x release, reintroducing key capabilities like XaaS and adding capabilities such as Powershell support in ABX and python, node.js and Powershell in vRO.


The many benefits of vRealize Automation 8.4.2 include: 

Disks added through vRO and extensibility reflected on deployment (topology) diagram.

Disks that were added using vRO workflows or ABX with vRA APIs at the time of initial provisioning are also reflected on the deployment design canvas. All current day 2 actions are available for these disks.

Support for Microsoft Azure Disk Encryption Set

The Microsoft Azure disk encryption set supports:

  • Disk Encryption feature for Microsoft Azure independent disks (independent managed disks) in vRA
  • Disk encryption feature for Day 2 action "Add Disk"

Property group enhancements (vRO, secrets)

Property groups can now:

  • Use vRO workflows for dynamic external values to define properties .
  • Bind secrets to property groups in order to reuse multiple secrets.

Shared IP range for multiple networks

It is now possible for vRA to assign same IP range coming from internal or external IPAM to multiple networks.

Provider Events triggered upon tenant resource CRUD

Events in the provider organization enable the provider to trigger subscriptions and write in the CMDB etc. (or for billing purposes). These events are only for resources that the provider must have visibility into. No deployment level events are triggered in the provider org, for tenant deployments.

Limit the number of namespaces for a project on a K8s zone

Prior to this, there was no per K8s zone limit for projects. This feature introduces a configurable limit for the max number of supervisor namespaces that can be deployed for the project on a given K8s zone.

Support for Snapshot management of Microsoft Azure disks

The Microsoft Azure disk snapshot management now supports:

  •    Disk Snapshot Enumeration
  •    Day 2 action for deleting Disk Snapshot from Machine
  •    Compatibility for Managed Disk Snapshot – Resource Group, Encryption set, Network policy, Tags as parameters.

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