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Saturday, July 16, 2022

VCAP-CMA Design 2022 certification Tips

 This week I finally passed the VCAP-CMA Design 2022 certification. I passed the exam in my second attempt with a score of 324 out of 500 where 300 is required to pass.


I was very confident that I would pass the exam for the first time, but I would not clear in the first attempt .


The Design exams are more like VCP exams with multiple choice questions and Deploy exam totally lab base exam. I am planning to attend the Deploy exam in the coming months.


VCAP-CMA Design 2022 certification consists of 60 questions, and you will have around 145 minutes available. Most of the questions are multiple choice. Some of the questions have a lot of text, which consume more time for reading and understanding. In this exam you really understand the question, what they are asking for. This is one of the biggest things to prepare for in this exam.


As you know, VCAP-CMA Design 2022 certification is a bit tricky, and it was expected. Do more focus on selecting the correct answer. There are few questions that do not have alternatives but by reading the question two and three times you will understand that you need to find the correct answers.


VCAP-CMA Design  2022 test?

  • VMware vRealize Automation (2V0-31.21) exam has  145 minute with 60 Questions and costs $450 USD.
  • Currently, you can take the VCAP-CMA Design  online via a remote proctored exam or in person at a test facility.
  • More information about this exam check out this URL 

Exam Tips:

1-      Once you register for the exam, you will get an email from OnVue with 2 links.  One tested your environment to make sure you met certain standards (Audio, video, and microphone) and the other link belong for the day of the exam.

2-     The process to take a remote proctored test was simple and convenient. 

3-     Make sure you are familiar with   OnVue Online proctoring technical requirements as They are a bit strict about rules so make sure you are ready to go.

4-     One of the requirements is to have a very clean desk. 


Exam Questions Tips:

1-     Some questions are very short, and some are very long. Long questions will consume more time for reading,

2-     Some are tricky and take a lot of time to complete and some do not.

3-     If you are reading part of the question or didn’t read it thoroughly you might easily miss something.

4-     Do not waste your time — If you do not know the answer to a question, mark it in your list and move on. if time allows, come back to it.  Just try to get as many questions completed as possible. Do not leave any question unattended.


Study Tips:

My primary resources are below

VMwarevRealize Automation Documentation

VMwareValidated Solutions – March 2022 Update

VMwareValidated Design

vRealize Automation 8.xReference Architecture

vRealizeAutomation Design

I enjoyed taking the 
VCAP-CMA Design exam.  It was interesting and challenged me technically.  Some of those questions really confuse me but I knew right away.  If anyone wants to pass this exam, then I suggest them ,study hard and  experience will  help  them succeed.  Best of luck on your certification!

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