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Monday, October 22, 2018

vRA Databases information

vRA Databases information 

In this post I am going to describe about SQL database and vPostgres database. what are component store inside database. 

A- MSSQL database 
MSSQL database is used for Vra IaaS. Below is component to store in this database.
1.    Reservation policies
2.    Fabric groups
3.    IaaS resources
4.    Business groups
5.    Blueprints
6.    Endpoint definitions 
B- vPostgres database
vPostgres database is used for  the vRA Appliance. . Below is component to store in this database.
1.    Approval policies
2.    Entitlements
3.      Service definitions
4.    Catalog item details
5.    Advanced Service Designer information



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