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Upgrade vRealize Automation 7.3 to 7.4 using vRealize Suite LifeCycle Manager

Upgrade vRealize Automation 7.3 to 7.4 using vRealize Suite LifeCycle Manager

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager provides a single installation and management platform for all products in the vRealize Suite.

We can use vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to upgrade vRealize Suite product installations.

I am going to explain the step by step, how to import an existing  vRA 7.3.environment and perform the upgrade to 7.4 using vRSLCM 1.2. 


Verify that the vRealize Suite product to upgrade is part of a vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager private

cloud environment, and take a snapshot of the product that you can revert to in the event that something goes wrong with the upgrade.  

·  The vRealize Automation management agent and all IaaS Windows nodes are running. 

·  The second member in the vRealize Automation load balancer is disabled 

Now let’s start to upgrade vra7.3 to Vra 7.4 upgrade.

1-     Need Log in to vRSLCM1.2

2-     Select Create Environments
Enter Environment Data
·  Data Center  ( This is Topic cover in my previous document )
·   Environment Type
·   Environment Name
·    Administrator email
·    Default root password
·    Click Next

Create Environment
·   Check the box for vRealize Automation
·   Here we  have an environment that we are going  to import, select the import Radio button.
·   Click Next
· Scroll down to bottom.
·  Check the box to accept the terms and conditions.

Enter vRealize Suite license
Click Next
Infrastructure Details
  • Select vCenter Server 
  • Select Cluster 
  • Select Network 
  • Select Datastore 
  • Select preferred Disk format
Click Next
  • Enter default gateway of vRealize Suite products ( VRA server)
  • Enter Domain Name
  • Enter search path
  • Enter DNS
  • Enter Netmask
  • Click Next
  • Click Next to use the self-signed generated certificate or click the import certificate button to add existing wildcard or SAN certificate.
  • Click Next

Import (we selected import option. now get ask questions about our existing environment)
  • Enter vRA root password
  • Enter vRA Default Administrator password
  • Enter Tenant User name.
  • Enter vRA Primary Node FQDN
  • Enter IaaS Username.
  • Enter vRA Tenant password
  • Enter IaaS Password for the domain account.
  • Select vCenter Server from the drop-down where the vRA server is running on.
  • Click Next

Review summary
  1. Click on Download configuration to save the JSON file for later use.
  2. Click Submit
Monitoring the Vra Import process 

Verify the vRA product environment 
Select Environment tab on the left side

Select View details of the newly created environment
Verify that all the information of your vRA environment is correct. 
Now environment is created successfully and vRA is added. 
Before going to upgarde we have couple of prerequisite has to be check .

Review VMware documentation to prepare for the upgrade here

Take Snapshots of all your vRA and IaaS servers before upgrading your environments

Take a backup of your vRA and IaaS database.
If you upgrade from a distributed vRealize Automation environment that operates in PostgreSQL synchronous replication mode, you must change it to asynchronous before you upgrade. 
Add product Binaries to vRSLCM
We have couple of way to add product Binaries in vRSLCM. I going to describe more below. 
Using My VMware downloads (Already covered in my previous blog )

Using Local

Upgrading vRA
Select Environment tab on the left side.

Select the 3 vertical dots in the environment and select upgrade
Select the Production version
  • Click Upgrade.
  • Review the progress of your upgrade 

Check  the upgrade is successful ….



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